Monday, May 20, 2013

Okra and Potato Hash with Rosemary

Okra is one of those seasonal veggies that seems to be here and gone in the blink of an eye. It's also one that most people are only familiar with as a breaded, deep-fried nubbin. In fact, Doug saw me chopping them and said, "So that's what okra looks like!" I'd originally intended to make this with brussels sprouts, but saw these at the store and couldn't resist the idea of preparing okra in a way I've never tried before. It may look weird, it may be a bit slimy when you open it up, but okra is delicious and easy to work with.

This recipe is really simple, as any hash should be. These three ingredients are the stars of the show:

Peanut oil (obviously, if you have allergies, you'll want to go with something like olive oil. But if you can do it, peanut oil is the way to go. It adds a flavor that no other oil can.)
2 cups of sliced okra, ends removed, sliced 3/8 of an inch thick (this was about 1.5 pounds of whole okra)
2 cups of yukon gold potatoes, diced small
2 tsp garlic, minced
1 tsp chopped fresh rosemary (or whatever you have on hand. Fresh basil would be great in this.)

Put enough oil in the skillet to cover the bottom and then some. Heat it up over medium-high heat and drop in your okra. You want a saute pan or skillet that's big enough so that all your okra fits in a single layer. Season with a little salt and pepper and let it saute for a while. You want one side to brown nicely, so don't stir it too often until that happens.

Once the okra's browned on at least one side, add the potatoes and stir it all around so that the okra and potatoes are nicely mixed together. If the pan is dry, add a little more oil. The okra and potatoes will soak up the oil. Season with a little more salt and pepper.

Cook the potatoes with the okra, stirring them to keep them from burning or sticking. Once they're browned a little and cooked through, stir in the garlic. Keep it cooking for a bit until you smell the garlic in the pan. Add the rosemary and toss it all together. Taste it for seasoning and cook for another minute or two. Plate the okra and potatoes and serve immediately.

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